Bertie & Me

Number of days it’s been illegal for me to be in the same room as my best friends: 290 in total, including: one period of self isolation, three national lockdowns, two local lockdowns and two tiers (on three different occasions). 145 consecutive days. Pasta stocks: gone big on the pasta supplies due to intention to … Continue reading Bertie & Me

180 days of lockdown

Toilet roll situation: Yes, I own some. Stocks are depleting faster than normal due to crying alone into my takeout. Pasta stocks: Pasta supplies have been replenished by large quantities of pasta that has been donated to the foodbank with split bags. This means that we can’t give it out, so…. Muchas pasta for me. … Continue reading 180 days of lockdown

Chronicles of lockdown: Always lockdown, never Christmas

It’s the morning of Friday the 29th August and a humble, frustrated, intelligent and attractive young woman is wearing joggers, a PJ top and a hoodie combo, leaving a video message for a friend while making coffee. She optimistically declares that she thinks local lockdown will be lifted in the part of Bradford she’s in … Continue reading Chronicles of lockdown: Always lockdown, never Christmas


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