About Me

book picApparently, I’m an author. Although I’m aware that this happened at some point during the summer of  2013, I’m not sure I quite believe it. There is, however, several copies of my books on shelves in certain books shops around the country which serve as evidence to the contrary. There will also soon be copies of my book in shelves in Brazil, which is even stranger.

Other than that, I’m from a fairly green place between Birmingham and Coventry where there aren’t enough buses but plenty of hairdressers. We’ve recently gained ones of those small overpriced Tescos, which is very exciting. I am really quite glad I don’t live there permanently any more.

Currently, I’m a third year Philosophy student at the University of Sheffield. Graduation is looming. To the great surprise of the seventeen year old version of myself, I still have no idea what I’m going to do with my life. She thought we might have figured it out by this point. She didn’t think we’d have a book yet (or ever), though, so I hope she is not too disappointed.

I have a fanfiction addiction (reading and writing) and once (accidentally) threw my pants at a locksmith.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Really enjoyed reading your (50) Days of Lockdown. Can empathise with so much.
    I miss human Hugs (I am so lucky though – I have a cat who gives great hugs)
    I miss my Mum
    I also worry about Milk and Food stocks, but my current obsessive behaviour is checking on my Seedlings, which I do A LOT… I talk to them too!

    1. Nothing wrong with talking to your plants 😉 . I’ve been holding off on naming me to see if i can keep em alive first.

      It’ll all be over one day 😊

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